Hyundai could not cope with the high demand for Kona Electric

Hyundai only made his first Kona Electric supply in the United States, but it is obvious that in the hands of the manufacturer a real bestseller.

It’s not even that the model is recognized as the most affordable electric vehicles in the United States, and that the demand for electric cars has exceeded all expectations of the manufacturer, who had originally planned to start the implementation of the car in California and gradually expand its activities to other States, loyal to electric vehicles.

Recall, the price of Hyundai Kona Electric in USA starts from $28 950 with tax discounts.

Hyundai Kona Electric

However, as shown by statistics dealers, Kona Electric are interested not only in the States, where traditionally strong sales of electric vehicles, but also in other regions that are initially cool perceive electric cars.

The problem is that the model is quite limited to put in time the car everyone, including in other markets, the company is not yet able, as the well-established system of production and logistics yet. The demand for the electric car simply destroyed the pre-planned routes. Thus, customers who want the car will have to wait until the company find the solution to this question.


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