“I don’t know him”: Another trump’s tweet caused a scandal

As you know, most of the thoughts that visit the mind of the leader of the USA of Donald trump, initially, settle on social networks. Apparently, Twitter the us President said his personal diary and writes everything that comes to his mind. And if some positions cause subscribers a slight smile, others lead to high-profile scandals, both American and world audience.

What an uproar was caused by one of the last tweets of Donald trump where he is, in fact, described all of its attitude towards Syria and what is happening there. This time, thought the American leader has led to the characterization of Brett Makhorka, which for a long time occupied the post of special representative of the President of the United States in Syria and Iraq against ISIS. In fact, this man played the role of the curator in the middle East.

However, such a high rank in the U.S. foreign policy does not protect Makhorka from sarcastic statements in his address. Trump said that he doesn’t even know this person. Although he noted that Obama appointed him to the position in 2015 (that is still something trump heard about Macharce).

Further, the President noted that the special representative had to be fired in February of next year, but decided to leave the post now. And this, according to trump, reveals in the person of Makhorka of conspicuous (this is the US leader also wrote on his page). The result of the “makeitmine” the President was the statement that the fake edition, as always, inflate the hype out of nothing.

Of course, by such generous and characteristics of the journalists simply could not pass up. Trump’s statement was reprinted in many publications. But this was only a small bit of feedback on the conclusions of the trump. The bulk of the assessment of such note appeared in the vastness of the same Twitter, where witnesses thought the President was quick to assess his knowledge in foreign Affairs.

And, to put it mildly, most readers of “diary of a tramp” was not on his side. Here, too, plenty of American citizens have shown themselves as comedians. For example, one of readers noticed that if the name of Makhorka not on the menu KFC (the popular U.S. fast food restaurant), the Trump he’s not interested. Another noted that it would be nice to meet Makharam a couple of times. For example, instead of meeting with Kanye West (American singer).

There were those who did remember the scandal connected with Russia. Well, when talking about Syria is a sin not to remember. Therefore, some users noticed that Makhorka trump doesn’t know because cooperating with the Kremlin. And the decision to withdraw troops from Syria come to mind Trump, of course, only after meeting with Putin. Apparently, according to these Twitter users all actions trump depend purely on the decisions of the Russian President.

It is obvious that the remark of the American leader about Makhorka clearly reached the minds of the listeners. Such reactions was expecting trump? Hardly. I don’t think anyone likes it when it is so abundantly watered sarcastic remarks and even direct insults. However, the main work was done.

Of their President, the people still did not forget and strongly responds to his every utterance. But nevertheless, people bombarded the social network, the country remains safe. Besides, you can quietly reach certain decisions that really Trump the best. Of course, just about the man “he doesn’t even know,” the head of the United States wouldn’t even remember. So, we can expect that this scandal was made a little step that no one paid attention. Work sharps. Also work and politics. Only money here revolve much more significant.

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