In Europe, want to use battery electric vehicles to stabilize the grid

Energy companies in Europe, E. ON and EDF are working with Nissan on the development of services that allow you to sell electricity stored in the batteries of electric cars back to the grid. Moreover, they are trying to convince European manufacturers to follow their example.

According to forecasts, in the next decade on the roads of Europe will have millions of electric vehicles. Utilities already are considering how to sell drivers more power, but takes into account the risks of power surges when charging electric vehicles during peak periods can destabilize the electric grid.

That’s why E. ON is already working with Nissan on the creation of so-called services “vehicle-set” (V2G), which will include software for aggregating and marketing data about the payment to the German energy company could predict peaks and valleys in electricity demand.

In turn, the French utility company EDF is working to establish Europe’s first network of charging with V2G technology for Japanese cars Nissan and Mitsubishi.

One of the main obstacles for the implementation of V2G in Europe is that at the moment it only works well with the standard charging CHAdeMO, while European producers are focused on the standard CCS, which is not in service of V2G technology.

All this brings us back to the infamous battle of the standards, making the chances of CHAdeMO to succeed in Europe, not so ghostly.

Remember, China and Japan insist on global charging standard for electric vehicles.

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