In Tbilisi will be free to install charging stations for electric vehicles

11 February in the capital Tbilisi, Georgia, launched a special website on which the residents of Tbilisi will be able to apply for installation near his home charging station for electric cars.

According to the mayor of the capital of Georgia Kakhi Kaladze, the site for free installation of the station, the owners of electric cars will need to provide your address.

This initiative was adopted in the framework of the priority program of the city government to improve the environmental situation in the country and the city. For this, the authorities have encouraged the import of electric vehicles, exempting them from customs duties and granting them the possibility of free Parking in the capital.

Also Kakha Kaladze reminded that the capital soon will be the first service of the car sharing of electric vehicles, which the residents of Tbilisi will be able to use through a special mobile application.

We will remind that the Georgian government is quite serious approach to the development of electromobile industry in the country, developing a plan, according to which the current fleet of Georgia needs 90% to be replaced by electric vehicles over the next 10 years. If the plan will be implemented, Georgia will become the first country managed to achieve such a rate in such a short time.

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