In the network appeared the photo of Tesla Semi-trailer for transportation Model X

It looks like Tesla is testing the Semi as the truck for transporting their own electric cars, the company in this case — the Tesla Model X.

Last year, Elon Musk announced that Tesla Semi sent its first cargo flight between factories Tesla in California and Nevada. Despite the fact that the Tesla Semi trucks from time to time was seen with all-metal body, it was unclear whether he was carrying cargo.

Jerome Guillen (Jerome Guillen), Vice President of Tesla freight programs, shared in LinkedIn image Model X, loaded onto the trailer for transportation of cars that are attached to the prototype Tesla Semi:

Model X on the trailer of the vehicle, Tesla electric truck Semi © Jerome Guillen via

The head added the title of “aircraft Carrier”, which apparently is a joke regarding the Model X, which looks like is going to fly with the doors open, “the wings of a Falcon”. This is the first time we saw the Tesla Semi-trailer for transportation of cars.

Interestingly, Elon Musk announced last year that Tesla will create their own trucks to deliver electric cars to customers as they increased the supply of Model 3 and the company had problems with the lack of carriers.

Tesla has already gathered a lot of orders for its electric truck, but the company always said that she will use Tesla Semi within their supply chain. The company claims that through the use of cheap electricity Tesla Semi will greatly reduce the cost of transportation.

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