In the United States are promoting a bill imposing an annual tax on electric cars

In the U.S., a group of Republican senators introduced a new bill, which is not enough that completely eliminates the Federal tax credit for electric cars, but also introduces a new annual tax.

The authors of the bill explain the initiative to the fact that consumers of electric cars is already sufficient range of sentences, but taxpayers have no choice to refuse to pay for the purchase of electric cars. Therefore, they propose to abolish the Federal credit and enter the annual tax on electric carsto compensate for budget losses from the decline in revenue from tax on fuel.

Recall that the question of the abolition of the tax credit being discussed quite a while ago that even made Tesla, Nissan, GM and other companies to create a coalition to reform the tax to make it fair for each market participant.

Many have criticized the approach of the senators to address this issue, noting that the ideal solution would be to increase taxes on vehicles with internal combustion engines to have their cost compensated for the harm that they tolerate the environment and the health of the population, the resumption of which are also associated with financial costs, with a much higher annual rate than a Federal tax on electric cars.

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