India will create its own battery factory for electric cars

Since then, as Tesla built the first plant for the production of batteries, the factory is capable of producing a gigawatt of battery production, many other companies announced similar ambitions.

The consortium LIBCOIN and Magnis Energy Technologies Limited is negotiating with the Indian government about the construction of the first “Gigafactory” for battery cells in India. The plan envisages the construction of a plant for the production of batteries together with the state of the Indian company Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. Plans to build India’s first “girafarig lithium-ion batteries”, that is the largest enterprise for the production of lithium-ion batteries.

“We plan to become the largest producer of lithium-ion batteries in India and we aim to become a pioneer in one of the largest markets. The interest aroused by this project, especially to the Indian automotive sector, very exciting,” commented in LIBCOIN.

Initially, the plant will have a production capacity of 1 GW * h with a gradual increase in capacity to 30 GW * h per year, which is comparable to that of the Tesla & Panasonic Gigafactory to produce 1 at the moment in Nevada.

Lithium-ion batteries in the first place in India in two areas: on the one hand the electrification of transport is becoming an increasingly important topic, and on the other hand storage of electricity from renewable energy sources.

“The fact that the government of India has approved the project, very inspiring and Magnis, and his partners. We consider India as one of the largest markets in the world for lithium-ion batteries and may create one of the world’s largest girafarig lithium-ion batteries,” commented in Magnis.

The timing of the construction of the plant is uncertain, but the country has big ambitions when it comes to electric cars.

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