Innogy has presented a mobile robot for fast charging of electric vehicles

At the exhibition E-world in Essen, the company Innogy has demonstrated a robot that is able to automatically connect to the electric vehicle connector for fast charging.

The robot is part of a research project, which was conducted jointly with the University of Duisburg-Essen.
Innogy does not specify any technical details, explaining only that the robot is equipped with sensors and a camera to determine how and where the parked electric vehicle.

Presented mobile chargers robot fleets ©

The creators explain that this device is useful for fleet operators, which will automatically charge the vehicle. The electric cars will be charged in accordance with the needs, that is, each would receive a boost that is needed and only when needed.

For this new generation of robots will be charging not only mobile, but also will be equipped with a interface considering the schedule of drivers on the basis of which, the robot will decide what charge is required for each specific vehicle. Thus, the entire fleet will be charged in accordance with the planned routes and will be ready for the next shift, which would entail lower costs and effective distribution of working time.

We will remind, at the Technological University of Graz was designed by such concept of fast charging stations-controlled robot.

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