Jaguar offers an interest-free loan for the purchase of electrocreaser I-Pace

I sale Jaguar-Pace in the United States were not particularly successful and in order to revive interest in its electric car, the company offers him an interest-free loan from 24 to 60 months.

Just last year Jaguar put in the US, about 400 electric cars, and sales in Europe amounted to about 6,500 of the crossovers.

Electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace ©

2019 began for the model is quite weak, the volume of worldwide sales amounted to slightly more than 1000 units — fairly small figures for a good electric car.

That’s why the company introduces a new incentive to spur demand for electric vehicles in the United States as the main market share.

Loan offer at 0% will be important to 01.04.2019 year, shipments of electric vehicles will be limited, and the actual cost of the car will be set by retailer and may vary from basic production prices.

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