Known prices and delivery time of Nissan Leaf e+ for the European market

New Nissan Leaf e+ is available to order in Japan starting from January 2019. For European clients the opportunity of ordering the new model is open from January 9, and supplies the first electric vehicles planned for the summer of 2019.

Nissan Leaf e+ Limited Edition ©

The cost of the basic version Nissan Leaf e+ for Japan will be $38 370. For Europe, Nissan has announced a version 2 Limited Edition for “old” and “new” version:

  • Leaf 3.ZERO (40 kWh) — from € 39 900 (orders now, delivery in may)
  • Leaf 3.ZERO e+ (62 kW⋅h) — from € 45 500 (orders now, delivery from the summer)

New Leaf 3.ZERO (40 kWh), as the new e + will get improved compared with current capabilities:

  • The 8-inch infotainment screen with navigation;
  • brand new and improved app NissanConnect EV;
  • new exterior colors with the possibility of two-tone combinations.

Index 3.ZERO says about the rich equipment of the electric vehicle for the European market, and the console Limited Edition means that the first 5000 electric vehicles with battery 62 kWh will be sold in the Old world is rich in limited editions.

As seen in the case of Europe, the difference between the two options the Nissan Leaf is 5600 euros or 14%. This will mean that the new version with battery 62 kWh LEAF e+ should be from 34 000 to 35 000 dollars (considering the same increase of 14% from 29 990 dollars). And, as shown by some leaked prices of all versions of the Nissan Leaf electric car 2019 will be from 29990 to 36 $ 200. We will remind, for the American market Leaf e+ depending on configuration will have its own designation S PLUS, SV and SL PLUS PLUS.

Photos of the exterior of the Nissan Leaf e+ 2019:

Interior pictures of Nissan Leaf e+ 2019:

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