Lincoln will introduce an electric car on the basis of the electric platform Ford

Lincoln is going to present its first fully electric car, which will be based platform for electric vehicles Ford, which the company develops for its electric crossover design with the classic model of Mustang.

Accurate information yet, but we know that the universal platform will be used for different models and brands included Ford.

The reason why the first electric Lincoln will be built on the adjacent platform is fairly simple, the brand is too small to rely on its own database, while the main company is looking how to save money for development.

The head of Ford in North America reported that despite the one with the Ford platform, the end products will be completely different.
It is expected that the electric vehicle Ford will appear aggressive car with a sporty character, while in Lincoln will focus on luxury and a measured drive.

We will remind, recently Ford and Volkswagen signed a cooperation in the field of electric vehicles, so it is likely that Lincoln may also get a platform, even from VW.

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