Lotus announces partnership with Williams to develop electric powertrains

Sports car manufacturer Lotus and Williams Advanced Engineering has officially announced a new strategic partnership that will allow the two companies to share research and development in advanced power plants. The exact format of the agreement between the two parties is currently unknown, but some sources report that they will work together on a new electric hypercar, competing with the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG One, and if we talk about pure electric hypercar, first of all — Nio EP9.

At that time, as the CEO of Lotus said that the partnership with Williams “is part of a strategy to expand our knowledge and capabilities in a rapidly changing automotive environment,” says Autocar that the brand actually develops electric hypercar, codenamed Omega. It is believed that Lotus is spearheading the development to ensure that the car carries the DNA of the brand and meets its criteria.

“The use of advanced powertrains can provide many interesting solutions in various sectors of vehicles,” — added the General Director of Lotus.

According to the British edition, Williams will provide its technical expertise in electric drive systems and will probably add the battery. It is believed that the Omega will be all-wheel drive hypercar, and use at least two electric motors. It is expected that Omega will have the ability to quick charge the battery and a power reserve of about 400 km.

“Williams Advanced Engineering is proud to offer its clients innovation in a rapidly changing automotive environment, based on the heritage of Formula 1. We will continue to develop the powertrain of the next generation in the partnership with Lotus,” said the managing Director of Williams.

Before the advent of the hypercar, codenamed Omega will be at least two years, and most likely we’ll know more information soon.

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