Lyft wants to use more eco-friendly cars

Company on call car Lyft plans this year to add 1,000 electric vehicles to its platform and make it easier for the ordering of environmentally friendly cars through Green Mode option, which allows customers to choose between a hybrid or electric car.

Lyft has launched “green mode” in Seattle, and will soon switch over to other parts of the country. The purpose of the possibility of a single order of electric vehicles and hybrids is to make suggestions of cars with eco-friendly transmission easier, but also to examine the demand and the responsiveness of customers on this category of cars.

“Replacement of vehicles with petrol engines to electric vehicles is a significant step forward in our efforts to combat climate change and improve the quality of life in our cities,” said the company, announcing the availability of “green mode”.

In Lyft said that the transition to electric vehicles can also help drivers who can increase your hourly earnings by reducing fuel costs. The company estimates that the cost of driving electric vehicles is approximately half the cost of a car with a gasoline engine.

Lyft clearly believes that the program will encourage users to choose an electric vehicle. Lyft will also encourage utilities to invest in more chargers in the cities. Last summer, Uber launched a “green initiative” in seven cities, offering monetary incentives for drivers who switch to electric vehicles. In this program, Uber has also modified its app to drivers of electric vehicles was easier to view your trip and not worry about the reserve.

We will remind, Uber fully electrificare its fleet of cars in London by 2025.

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