Mail Ireland will get 750 electric vehicles by 2022

State company providing postal services in Ireland Irish An Post plans to purchase by 2022 750 electric vehicles, 200 of which have come on the road this year. All deliveries in Dublin will be carried out on all-electric vehicles by the end of 2019 as part of the effort of the company’s Irish An Post to combat climate change, and other cities in Ireland such as cork, Galway, Kilkenny, Limerick and Waterford by 2020 will follow his example.

Dublin postal service will invest in 750 electric vehicles by 2022 (vans and bicycles), and in 2019 the first 200 electric vehicles will be put into operation.

As soon as the first 200 electric cars, Irish An Post will enter learning mode “ecological driving” for drivers to provide the best operational practices on all vehicles and in all traffic and weather conditions.

Overall, the initiatives that will be implemented this year, will allow us to avoid carbon emissions in 1,000 tons per year.

The Minister of environmental protection Richard Bruton said that An Post provides an example to other companies and recognizes the urgency of action on adaptation to climate change.

The Executive Director of the Irish An Post David Mcredmond stated that his company moves from the old world to a fresh world of ecommerce, and that sustainable development must be a guiding principle for business.

Meanwhile, in Leinster house, installed two charging points for electric vans Irish An Post, and in the near future it is planned to install additional charging points.

Irish An Post operates according to its strategic plan, “Eco Post” to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. In addition to municipal supply emissions-the program also involves the installation of public charging points for electric cars outside of post offices and solar panels on buildings, as well as sharing financial benefits with local environmental initiatives.

At the national level, the Irish government published its development plan “Project Ireland 2040”, which refers to the country’s transition to a low carbon economy with a budget of 116 billion euros. With regard to transportation, the goal is that by 2030 the Irish roads were half a million electric cars and cars running on fossil fuels could no longer get a license plate.

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