Mass layoffs in the future will affect the production of the Model S and X

Tesla has announced a reduction in the hours of production of more expensive electric Model S and Model X. the Company was faced with the inevitable increase in prices and risk of loss of customers due to the reduction of tax benefits.

Recall that Tesla has reduced the prices of all models by $2,000, to compensate for the reduction of tax incentives for buyers of electric vehicles.

Tesla Model X and Model S

The time of production of the expensive models, Tesla is not only declining, some stops altogether. Previously Elon Musk announced that for the optimization of production in favor of more affordable Model 3, Tesla will no longer accept orders for Model S and X with a battery capacity of 75 kWh.

All this is happening against the background of mass layoffs of employees and is a necessary measure to quickly increase production capacity in the future as needed.

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