Mercedes-Benz announces the creation of a new battery factory in Poland

Mercedes-Benz announced the construction of a new plant for the production of batteries in Poland. However we are talking only about the release of battery packs, not the battery cell production. Components for units Mercedes-Benz will purchase from third party suppliers.

Mercedes-Benz announces the creation of a new battery factory in Poland ©

The new facility will be within the multi-billion dollar investment plan to create a global network of subsidiaries.
The factory in Poland to be built in the city’s ravines, which is 100 km from the border with Germany, where the company already builds the enterprise for manufacture of engines.

The Polish plant will be the second largest investment of Mercedes-Benz and will create 300 jobs.

Currently, Daimler 9 plants to produce batteries on three continents:

  • Two plants (Deutsche Accumotive) in Kamenz, Germany, the first works in 2012, the second — run production in the spring of 2019.
  • The plant in Beijing, China currently and Daimler joint venture partner BAIC builds a plant for the production of batteries in the industrial Park economic and technological development zone.
  • The plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA) — next to the existing plant for the production of SUVs Mercedes-Benz has recently started work on the construction of a battery factory.
  • Factory in Bangkok, Thailand, together with local partner Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plan (TAAP) the construction of the plant.
  • Two of the planned plant in Untertürkheim (Stuttgart), Germany.
  • The plant is planned in Sindelfingen, Germany.
  • Plant in Jawor, Poland.

Earlier, Daimler announced that it intends to acquire lithium-ion batteries for its electric cars in the amount of €20 billion by 2030.

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