Musk encourages Chinese customers to buy the Model 3 now, to Finance the construction of the plant

Tesla CEO Elon Musk called on customers in China to order Model 3 now in an interview with the Shanghai press, warning that new Chinese factory will not allow to sell the premium version of the sedan in the country cheaper.

As stated by Musk in an interview with Kanka News, the price of the premium version of Model 3 will remain the same next year. Do not expect lower prices, because the company needs to sell electric cars now, to build China new factory.

The premium version of the Tesla Model 3

Musk was recently in Shanghai to witness the official start of construction Gigafactory 3, the first Assembly plant for Tesla outside the US. Chinese consumers who pre-purchase the Model 3 can now monitor the process online.

Tesla plans to continue the production of premium version 3 Model at its plant in Fremont, California, and release a more affordable version in China for this market and other Asian markets.

In an interview with Kanka News Musk invited all wishing to work in the company. According to him, the one who will join today as a Junior engineer in Tesla China, may one day become CEO of Tesla worldwide.

We will remind, on new Gigafactory 3 in China will be producing the Model Y, and the “cheap” version of Model 3, a more expensive version of Model 3 and Model Y, as well as all Model S and Model X will be produced at the California factory.

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