New rates in Ukraine are well clean the pockets of Ukrainians

The West is too much pressure on Ukraine. So much so that she had to reduce gas transit on its territory. A subsidiary company of “Naftogaz” expects to 2019, the deficit will be about $ 800 million.

Ukraine wanted to get for the gas system not less than 300 thousand dollars, but now can not even sell for seven thousand. Kiev can’t compete with the “Northern stream” and “Nord stream-2” is even more so.

In addition, we should not forget that Ukraine IMF forced to raise the price of gas, otherwise she would not receive the next tranche. In the end, as usual, will suffer the common people, because those who are in power, all will be well, because in the Square just pretend. They are fighting corruption. In fact it simply turned a blind eye.

It should be noted that the flow of gas in the residential sector is metered, so many Ukrainians are freezing in the winter. While there is no speech of the modernization of the domestic gas transportation system. Poroshenko did not care about what living people. However, maybe it is for the kind of “scratch” before the elections, promised a lot of things, but nothing will execute in the end. It seems that the Ukrainian President may, just before the Nazis radicals izgalyatsya.

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