Nikola announces the creation of a fully electric truck

Nikola Motor, manufacturer of electric and hydrogen trucks, announces the creation of a new all-electric versions of its trucks to compete with Tesla Semi.

The startup first announced plans to create a hybrid truck over 3 years ago. Later, they changed their plans to create electrogrooving fuel cell with plans to create an extensive supply chain of hydrogen and petrol stations.

Now, Nikola Motor company unexpectedly announced that it intends to offer a fully electric version of their trucks with hydrogen fuel cells — “Nikola Two” and “Nikola Tre” (European version), while the largest version of the truck “Nikola One” will be only on hydrogen.

Nikola Tre: truck fuel cell for Europe ©

Nikola Two: truck fuel elements for the United States ©

The new electric trucks will be presented at the exhibition “Nikola World” this year with three battery options:

  • 500 kWh
  • 750 kWh
  • 1000 kWh (1 MWh)

Nikola Motor explains that they are still optimistic about the hydrogen for the long haul, but in the case of short transport they see the advantage of electric versions. At least, it is possible that all-electric version to compete with Tesla Semi.

It is expected that a battery with a capacity of 1 MWh will provide electric truck Nikola a range of 640 km.

The main question is, do any doubt Nikola in its hydrogen concept, it’s not too late to switch to electric vehicles. Although the company claims that this announcement does not affect its plan for a hydrogen truck, and they are planning to release hydrogen-powered version of the truck.

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