Nissan Note e-POWER: a huge sales success, but why not a pure electric vehicle or plug-in-hybrid?

Few people know, but the best-selling vehicle with electric drive for Nissan in Japan is not well-known Leaf, a model Note (136 324 cars sold), which became the absolute market leader ahead of Toyota Aqua (561 126), Toyota Prius (115 462) and Nissan Serena (99 865).

Hybrid Nissan NOTE technology e-POWER ©

Both models of the Nissan in the list are available in the usual fuel and special hybrid version called e-POWER (without connectivity to the network). At the same time, about 70% of the sales of the Nissan Note falls exactly on a hybrid version, and this is no less than 95 000 cars (for comparison, the Leaf in Japan sold in 2018 25 722 edition car). Only since the advent of the hybrid Note in November 2016, Nissan has already sold more than 200,000 of these vehicles.

95 000 hybrid Note sold in 2018 — a huge success for the company!

The principle of operation of the power plant e-POWER NOTE ©

If you know a hybrid model closer, it turns out that Nissan Note e-POWER shares its electric drivetrain with the pure electric vehicles Nissan Leaf and they have similar battery modules, with the only difference that the Leaf battery is more capacious.

The fuel engine and the battery in the NOTE ©

Hybrids e-POWER is always driven with the electric motor and the fuel engine produces electricity only and essentially similar dynamics hybrid electric. The same model transmission is used in electric vehicles with extended range BMW i3 Range Extender and plug-in hybrids Chevrolet Volt, but they have more capacious batteries that can be recharged from the mains.

The differences of the transmission e-POWER from the electric vehicle and hybrid

Begs the question, why is achieving the highest results in sales of passenger cars and minivans, not forced the manufacturer to equip the car a more capacious battery with charging option by highlighting another category of models can more expensive price. After all, on the basis of market trends, it is clear that consumers want to drive on electricity.

Recall, Nissan plans to start production of 3 new electric cars and 5 new models of e-POWER in Japan by 2022.

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