No gasoline to buy Bolt: Chevrolet is promoting the electric vehicle in Mexico on the background of lack of fuel

Chevrolet uses a fuel shortage in Mexico for their own selfish purposes, promoting your electric Bolt at gas stations.
The fuel shortage is associated with the closure of state pipeline connection at gas stations lined up in long queues, and Benin sold directly from the trucks.

Mexican Chevrolet marketing Department saw this as an opportunity to promote the electric car brings electric vehicles and charge for it, telling people about the benefits of electricity.

Marketers also launched a promotional campaign in social networks, introducing electric vehicles as a solution to problems with fuel.

Is the electric car the Chevrolet Bolt ©

Recall that the electric car market in Mexico is relatively small — only 20 000 cars sold is electric in 2018 to nearly 130 million in the country. Besides, Mexicans are not very concern about the environment, so by the Chevrolet, the idea is to prove the advantages of electric in the background of the General shortage of fuel, looks just a great PR campaign.

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