Not be restored: Tesla Model S “killed” Russian robot at CES 2019

Tesla Model S in autopilot mode and made arrival on the robot Promobot v4. The accident occurred during preparations for the 2019 CES in Las Vegas, when the Russian robot traveled to the place of demonstration. According to preliminary data, the robot deviated from the route and went on the road and was hit by a car.

Video Russian humanoid was attacked by an American artificial intelligence:

It is noteworthy that Promobot v4, which Russian designers are positioned as a humanoid — that is, a humanoid robot, was not recognized by the autopilot, which even after the collision, continued driving and stopped only 50 meters across.

The robot was badly damaged and in the exhibition participation will not accept. Company Creator claims that the damage from the collision irreparable, which is quite surprising, because the video shows that the electric car barely hooked humanoid.

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