Oil companies interested in the development of charging infrastructure

According to a new report of the analytical center Atlantic Council, the major oil companies such as Shell and ExxonMobil, are exploring the creation of places where owners of electric cars can charge their electric vehicles. The initiative is part of a strategy hedging the emerging market segment.

The company does not consider this activity as a substitution for your main kind of activity and see it as another term for profit.

The fact that one of the causes of the spread of cars with internal combustion engines was not only their production, but also the growing number of gas stations. The same factor major oil companies are considering to increase the number of electric cars, comparing stocks move different models on the market and assessing how to provide electric not only local travel for short distances, but also travel long distances.

Interest in electric vehicles from the oil companies is understandable, given that the profit from the sale of fuel will not last forever, to have the best alternative or a fallback is always necessary.

Also noteworthy is the fact that unlike Shell, which is actively investing in related with the electric vehicle industry and even sponsored advertising electric vehicles, the industry drew the attention of ExxonMobil, which until recently was considered the most consistent opponent and denier of electromobility. What urged the oil giant to investing in unacceptable market?

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