Panasonic will increase the production of batteries in China 80%

Panasonic aims to increase production of lithium-ion batteries in China up to 80% as the easing of restrictions Beijing encourages foreign players to actively conquer the market of electric vehicles. Korean LG Chem is doing the same with the production of batteries in China.

To the extent that, as China’s environmental problems are exacerbated, and the system of subsidies aimed at supporting domestic producers of batteries is falling, the Chinese government will loosen rules for foreign players, creating components for electric vehicles, next month. It is expected that this step will contribute to the further development of business with Japanese and Korean battery manufacturers, and already there is growing demand from Chinese automakers. Panasonic plans to launch two new production lines at its Chinese battery plant next summer.

Panasonic has prepared the ground for the construction of two factory buildings which will be used in conjunction with two current buildings in Dalian, Liaoning province. Current capacity Chinese battery factory is about 5 gigawatt-hours. Company in Osaka will consider further expansion of production if necessary to meet the increasing number of orders. The expansion should increase the company’s opportunities for the production of rectangular panels which are mainly used in electric and plug-in hybrids and hybrids. The batteries Panasonic is supplying Tesla exclusively, distinguished by a cylindrical shape.

The solution to Beijing’s refusal stringent requirements for hybrid units will benefit Japanese players such as Toyota, important partner Panasonic. The increase in the production of batteries will help Panasonic become less dependent on the business with Tesla.

Recall, Panasonic has increased the production of batteries for 1 Gigafactory for Tesla Model 3.

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