Pathetic: Toyota makes fun of electric cars is in the hybrid

Absurd trolling electric cars in new ad for the hybrid Toyota, has led to outrage not only supporters of electric mobility, but also fans of the brand.

Like Toyota, which once was an innovator in creating eco-friendly cars, is sinking into a dull “yesterday” by continuing to focus not notice the changes in the automotive market and to insist on the acceptance of electric cars, promoting the absurd in its concept, technology, self-charging hybrid, which is still 100% running on gasoline.

In addition, Toyota claims that the current technology of lithium-ion batteries are not good enough for producing decent electric cars, and at the same time continues to use the older technology Nickel-metal hydride batteries in most hybrids.

Probably company not only was given to accept the fact that Toyota lost a very influential niche in the industry Tesla.

Recall that Toyota had a long history of scepticism about electric cars.

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