Police Tesla Model S in Fremont will save over $30,000 on fuel

The police of the city of Fremont, which houses the Tesla factory, is transplanted to the electric company to reduce the level of pollution produced by the fleet Department.

One of the Tesla Model S is already involved in the patrol as part of a pilot program of reorganization of the fleet. A used electric car Tesla Model S 85 2014 was bought in January 2018 and $61 478 to replace end-of-life Dodge Charger 2007.

Police Tesla Model S in Fremont © sfgate.com

City officials were given the opportunity to experience the electric car as a new patrol car, after monitoring the market and the conclusion that electric vehicles fully meet the requirements of the police.

At the moment electric car modified, which will cost about $40 000. Costs the same as a “police package” for the Ford Explorer, but over the five years of its operation (average cycle for police car) Explorer will cost about $32 000 for gasoline and $15 000 for the service, so that the Model S even managed to save.

Note that the Tesla is increasingly used as a special transport. Police Model S is already in several countries of Europe, also in Denmark as a car emergency services use Model X.

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