Poll: 9 out of 10 drivers of electric vehicles will never go back to conventional cars with internal combustion engines

7 723 a survey of electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts in the UK have shown that about 9 out of 10 drivers of electric vehicles will never go back to conventional cars with internal combustion engines on gasoline or diesel.

After 8 years of the canal Robert Llewellyn (Robert Llewellyn) “Fully Charged” — the world’s largest YouTube channel dedicated to electric vehicles and renewable energy, has received more than 7,700 responses to its first survey of the audience. The study, consisting of 50 questions, revealed the attitude of consumers to a number of technologies that will dominate in the next decade.

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As noted by the owner of electric cars, Robert Llewellyn, he had fully electric vehicles for over 10 years, and now he’s incredibly nice to know that there are other drivers who, testing the cars, not ready to go back to the internal combustion engine. Two thirds of motorists are ready to buy electric cars in the next two years.

Consumers change preferences and brands

According to the survey, 56,89% of motorists who still do not own cars intend to buy them by the end of 2020, while three quarters expect to purchase a fully electric car, not hybrid or plug-in hybrid. In addition, 87,67% of respondents would not choose the brand they previously preferred, which may cause concern among those car companies that have not offered credible line of fully electric models.

The cost of electric vehicles

The main problem that kept consumers from buying electric cars today is not lack attractive options or the charging infrastructure and the estimated cost of the new (33%) and used (14.9%) were electric vehicles, despite the fact that owning an electric vehicle cheaper than a car with ice, because of the low operating costs.

The revolution of green technology

A survey of motorists who are interested in electric vehicles (revolution of 88.67%) and in clean energy/renewable energy (88,61%) showed that they are more concerned with new technologies, not the problems that may face these technologies, such as air pollution (39,83%) and climate change (44,39%).

68,91% of respondents intend to switch to suppliers of “green energy”, and 83.74 currently% of respondents are interested in new energy technologies such as solar panels, batteries, intelligent control, and electric vehicles, giving excess electricity to the network or charging other devices.

Earlier, the UK survey showed that half of young people would like to have an electric car.

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