Porsche and Audi increase the production of electric vehicles Taycan and e-tron quattro due to high demand

According to Automobilwoche, Porsche and Audi are planning to expand their production capacity even before the market launch of its first electric models due to unexpectedly high demand. Despite the fact that the e-tron quattro and Taycan not yet on the market, the demand for these all-electric models are already much higher than expected.

Porsche plans to produce 40 000 Taycan per year at its new plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany — twice more than previously planned 20,000. Since the power of Porsche in Zuffenhausen is limited to 40 000 units may soon be required in another plant.

Porsche Taycan © newsroom.porsche.com

Previously, we reported that Porsche is considering increasing the planned production capacity Taycan, but now apparently decided to double it.

Porsche obviously was encouraged by the number of pre-orders for Taycan, which they opened in several markets. The automaker says that in Norway alone, they received about 3,000 reservations with deposits. Porsche usually sells about 600 cars a year.

Recall that Porsche will bring to market 3 versions of the electric car Taycan and already known to the preliminary price.

Audi also plans to increase capacity at the plant in Brussels in 2020 due to high demand for its e-tron quattro. This will mean an increase in production at the Audi plant in Brussels from 20 to 24 cars produced per hour by 2020. With 20 cars per hour in two-shift regime and the alleged 220 production days Audi is currently able to produce about 70 000 cars e-tron quattro per year.

Audi e-tron quattro © media.audiusa.com

Audi e-tron quattro is the first all-electric Audi. Despite the fact that the electric car was introduced only in mid-September in California, the car has already had extraordinary success.

“The demand for e-tron quattro is gradually increasing. For this reason, we are constantly reviewing our production capacity and, if necessary, to adjust them to the market situation”, — told Automobilwoche managing Director of Audi.

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