Porsche Charging Service is now available in 5 new countries in Europe

Just a few months after launch, Porsche is expanding its service charging for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles for 5 new countries, offering new functions and increases to 49 000 the number of available charging points in twelve countries.

App for finding charging stations “Porsche Charging Service” © newsroom.porsche.com

Along with Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Finland, the service charge is now available also in Norway, France and Spain. Britain and Italy will be added soon.

Infographics Porsche Charging Service © newsroom.porsche.com

A new feature offered in the Porsche Charging Service is the evaluation function. It shows when was the last time you used the charging station and also allows users to see how relevant and reliable information for the corresponding point charge. In addition, there was improved the application’s user interface and navigation, now after selecting charging easier to switch on navigation through Google Maps, whether it’s on a smartphone or Apple CarPlay in the vehicle.

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