Presented electric concept “tall sports sedan” Nissan IMs

Concept electric sports sedan Nissan IMs debuts at North American international auto show in 2019.

Nissan will introduce the all-electric concept vehicle with an Autonomous driving at the North American international auto show in 2019. The novelty will be on display from 19 to 27 January at the Detroit Cobo center.

Concept electric sports sedan Nissan IMs ©

Concept Nissan IMs ©

Unique exterior and interior Nissan IMs is made possible thanks to an innovative electrical and automation technology, which embodies Nissan Intelligent Mobility — the vision of the company that is changing the way cars are driven, managed and integrated into society.

The Seating layout of the cabin electric concept Nissan IMs ©

The idea of IMs combines the higher fit of a crossover with the traditional four-door sedan in the new concept of electric vehicle. Nissan IMs has unusual proportions, spacious interior, unique architecture and transformable seats Premier Seat 2 + 1 + 2 that brings it to a whole new level “sports sedans superior”.

A strange three-row arrangement of seats, which uses two retractable seat back and the seat larger in front of them ©

Drivers can choose between a fully Autonomous or conventional movement control of the vehicle.

The powertrain of the concept is high performance all-wheel drive (AWD), driven by a pair of electric motors located in the front and rear of the car. The result is perfect weight balance front/rear, exceptional traction and great ride quality. Thanks to an improved air suspension that adapts to different driving situations, the concept of IMs has a smooth swing and excellent stability in the turns.

Electric concept “tall sports sedan” Nissan IMs ©

The electric powertrain of the vehicle consists of two electric motors (front and rear axle) with a total capacity of 483 horsepower and a torque of 800 N⋅m. the Battery capacity of 115 kWh provides a range of 612 miles on a single charge. All components of the power plant hidden under the floor of the cabin.

Electric car Nissan IMs ©

Future electric car Nissan IMs ©

To auxiliary driving headlamps and the rear combination lamp glow blue, and the light continuously moves from the front to the back to notify pedestrians and other drivers about their Autonomous status.

The 4-door body design no stand is equipped with doors with reverse opening for easy access inside (zagrebelnyi rear doors that open against the direction of motion). The body is painted in a shade of the “liquid metal”. The interior upholstery of dark fabric and Golden touches on the dashboard and door panels. When the Autonomous movement of the steering wheel retracts and the driver can turn around to spend time with passengers.

Dashboard electric sports sedan Nissan IMs ©

The 4-door body design no stand is equipped with doors with reverse opening for easy access inside ©

In manual driving, the interior of the IMs concepts is a salon with cutting-edge driver assistance technologies, including an external camera replacing the conventional side mirrors and tiered information displays, providing full control over the car.

Earlier, Nissan has unveiled a concept electric car IMx at the 45th Tokyo motor show.

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