Presents a charging station for electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells

The British company AFC Energy has provided independent from the power supply system for electric vehicle charging called CH2ARGE.

The essence of the technology is that the system is a hydrogen fuel cell generates electricity, which is supplied to the battery is 40 kWh, which drivers to charge their electric vehicles.

CH2ARGE each block contains two points charging of electric vehicles, able to carry about 140 full charge cycles before you need to fill a container of hydrogen.

Diagram of the hydrogen charging station for electric vehicles (not FCEV) ©

The manufacturer claims that the system is compatible with all models of electric vehicles and charging standards, is able to provide enough power to charge the battery of an electric vehicle to 80% in one hour.

Currently, AFC Energy in talks with a number of potential partners and declares that he will be able to start production of chargers by the end of this year if the deal goes through soon.

Currently, the company does not consider CH2ARGE as a household device. It is assumed that the charging system will be installed in service stations, near supermarkets, stadiums and other public places.

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