Rednecks vs Tesla: USA pickups block the charging station Tesla

Strange things happen in the USA at the charging stations Tesla Supercharger, where the drivers of pickups are intentionally parked on the electric vehicle charging points, giving thereby access to the chargers.

In the United States began a strange campaign against Tesla

The country has already recorded several such campaigns, during which the owners of the pickups used foul language to address them.

In the U.S. pickups to block the charging station Tesla Supercharger ©

In the US, car owners often take place for charging electric vehicles, but it was never malicious, in the community of elektromobilitat is called “Icing” (ice), and most often it was inattention of the driver. Now it is becoming a trend in which the seizure of the charges becomes intentional, as the driver of the pick-UPS block access to the popular period long-distance travel, in this case, during the Christmas holidays.

It is behind the protests against Tesla?

These incidents show a clear hostility towards electric cars and their owners, although it is not clear what caused it. There is a version that in this way owners of cars with internal combustion engines are opposed by the growing expansion of electric cars, but why, then, actions are directed solely against one company, because so far all says only that operations are conducted solely against Tesla and the campaign is clearly organized by someone.

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