Rental service Nextmove will increase its own fleet of 100 electric cars Tesla Model 3

Rental service of electric vehicles Nextmove joined its fleet in Germany 4 Tesla Model 3.

Rental service of electric vehicles Nextmove has expanded its fleet in Berlin the first four Tesla Model 3. The company is the largest customer of Tesla in Germany: during the year, company car rental, located in Central Germany, will increase its own fleet of electric vehicles to 100 models of 3 Tesla and make them available on all your rentals.

Nextmove is now present in ten German cities with more than 350 vehicles and includes most of the electrical brands available at the present time. Thus, the addition to the Park hundreds of Tesla Model 3 indicates a significant increase in the company’s fleet of electric cars

The company Nextmove became one of the first buyers of the Tesla Model 3 in Germany. The first German customers who pre-order the Tesla Model 3, recently got their electric vehicles in Frankfurt, after the Belgian port received the first batch of electric cars for the European market.

Managing Director of Nextmove Stefan Moeller called the Tesla Model 3 “looming real tsunamis in Europe” from the point of view of growth of electric mobility.

Nextmove has set itself the goal to allow more people to experience electric vehicles. The company claims that long-term renting one of their electric cars leading the customer to buy the first electric car.

Tesla Model 3 will soon be available for short and long term rentals in all ten points of rental cars.

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