Rivian patented removable extra battery for electric pickup R1T

Rivian patented “removable battery” for your electric pickup R1T, which will help to increase its reserve.

Electric cargo compartment of a pickup truck R1T © rivian.com

Additional battery R1T will be installed in a pickup truck, in which there are several connections, including built-in cooling circuits.

To see how this will happen can in the schematic of the patent application, which was provided by the company.

Auxiliary battery module for pickup R1T © electrek.co

In accordance with the images, the battery must be installed in the R1T in the form of a special box on its cargo platform. According to the information in the patent application, the additional battery will be installed with the help of a forklift or winch and ropes, and then will be bolted to the body.

Mount the battery box R1T © electrek.co

There is no information about battery capacity or cost, but based on the estimated size of the image, its capacity will be about 50-80 kWh, which should significantly increase the power reserve of an electric pickup, which as we know will offer several options for batteries with a capacity of 105/135/180 kWh.

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