Rivian will challenge the dominance of the Tesla of electric pickups and crossovers?

Tesla without a doubt the unconditional leader in electric mobility market, especially in the U.S. where her positions seem immutable with 80% monopoly of all sales.

However, according to analysts Morgan Stanley, the company’s position is under threat from a new competitor Rivian.

Analyst Adam Jonas, who has been with the firm since 1996 and specializiruetsya in the automotive sector, was once very optimistic about the Californian automaker and as we see now, absolutely not lost.

The dominance of Tesla questioned because of Rivian?

Now, however, Jonas believes that challenges the dominance of Tesla in EV will come not from traditional brands by type, GM, VW, or Chevrolet, and from new companies that use the approach of “from scratch” and at the moment Rivian, exactly the kind of company that fits the description of an analyst, especially after the extremely successful presentation of their first models of pickup R1T and R1S crossover.

Electric pickup Rivian R1T © rivian.com

As shown by the example with the Tesla, Jonas well-evaluates the ability of startups to influence the car market, but it may exaggerate the importance of Rivian at the moment. Undoubtedly, the company has awesome products and factory, where they will be made. They even have a large number of pre-orders, but since the first electric cars will come only in 2021, to say that they will have a significant impact on the position of Tesla in the market is premature.

After all, it is worth considering that this summer Tesla will present its own electropica and very soon will release a crossover Model Y, that is, direct competitors Rivan products that will be at least not worse.

Electric crossover Rivian R1S © rivian.com

Of course, many will be pleased with the success Rivian, but that’s why everyone used to think that success is possible only due to the superiority over Tesla, we were not aware.

Moreover, Tesla itself has always worked contrary to the manufacturers of cars with internal combustion engines, and never considered the manufacturers of electric cars the main competitors.

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