Rivian will use a charging standard CCS and to develop their own charging infrastructure

Rivian Automotive announced that it will use the charging port and connector CCS to charge their electric cars pickup SUV R1T and R1S.

The automaker from Michigan announced that their electric vehicles will use existing and rapidly emerging network with a combined charging standard CCS Combo fast charging with direct current. The company also said in a tweet that it will build its own charging infrastructure, and to cooperate with other manufacturers.

Electric pickup Rivian R1T © Twitter Rivian

According Electrify America, until September of last year they had about 2,000 charging stations in the United States, and until mid-2019, they plan to add another 500 points for users of electric vehicles.

Electrify America at its charging stations offers standards CHAdeMO (62.5 kW) and CCS Combo (up to 350 kW). According to the latest statement Rivian, they will also cooperate with other manufacturers to expand the capabilities of their clients.

Electrocreaser Rivian R1S © rivian.com

Rivian did not disclose the speed at which their vehicles will be able to take charge, but considering their large battery with a capacity of 105 kWh, 135 kWh and 185 kW⋅h, the electric company will have to take at least 100 kW.

The last few days Rivian demonstrates its electric cars in the ski resort of Aspen in Colorado.

Since the European model of Tesla model 3 is also equipped with a charging port CCS Combo, we can assume that sometime in the future Tesla and Rivian can cooperate to use widely available network of Supercharger.

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