Sabotage charging stations Tesla Supercharger have acquired a new character

Similar incidents with fast charging stations Tesla in the US have acquired a new dimension. Not so long ago it was reported that the charging stations are subjected to intentional blockage from the fuel vehicles, typically large pickup trucks. Now the first recorded case of intentional damage to the charging station.

Broken charging connector Tesla © Twitter Mark Larsen

In Utah, the owner of the Tesla Model 3 has a picture of the charging station company that had been damaged by vandals, cut the cable and prosvirova drill charger connector.

Cut the charging cable on the Tesla Supercharger station © Twitter Mark Larsen

In the attack the owner of the Model 3 noted that the three supercharger completely out of order. The damage is quite serious and entirely drawn to criminal prosecution. Fortunately, in this area there were several surveillance cameras. Thus, there is some hope that the perpetrators of the attack on the Tesla Supercharger can be eventually detained.

Tesla in any case is in a good position against the vandals, because stations are usually equipped with many superchargers, and there is always a chance that will be corrupt only part of the charging points and the other will be workers.

Tesla does not recommend charging station, if you see any damage, but apparently the warning is not enough and the situation must be taken under supervision.

While a Tesla loved by many, the cars themselves remain hated by some members of the automotive community. In addition to the incidents involving lock fuel cars and acts of vandalism against superchargers, also increased the number of reported break-ins of cars. In this connection, Elon Musk recently said that the company will introduce a “protection Mode” as an extra security feature in electric vehicles. Musk did not elaborate on the possibilities of a new regime of “time”, but it is expected that this function will be expanded inline solutions for video recorders and Tesla will let others use eight cameras for video recording compared to one.

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