Samsung SDI has introduced a new battery and business plan for solid state batteries

At the North American international auto show (NAIAS) in 2019 in Detroit Samsung SDI has introduced a new line of batteries for fast charging with high capacity for electric cars and hybrids called “Charged for Auto 2.0”.

Samsung presented the cell with capacity from 37 to 78 A / h, the company noted that the main feature of the new batteries is to increase capacity with fewer cells, and as a consequence reducing the cost of the whole package.

Demonstrating new developments the company strives to interest the world’s automakers, particularly those who are looking for these products for the production of their electric cars.

In addition to new line of batteries, the manufacturer also presented the business plan for solid state batteries. In the US, the South Korean company plans to build a plant to manufacture batteries in Michigan, and investments are estimated at 62.7 million dollars.

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