Seen the first Tesla Model 3 with a charging port of Chinese standard GB/T

Tesla switches the production of Model 3 on European and Chinese version of the electric car. The main feature of regional models is primarily in the charging port. In Europe, Tesla will supply electric cars with a charging port CCS Combo 2, which is most common on the continent. In addition, the company announced the adaptation of its fast charging stations in Europe, under compliance with this standard.

Model 3 with China GB charge ports spotted running around, likely testing compatibility with public charging stations

— Kelvin Yang (@KelvinYang7) January 2, 2019

In China the company will install two charging ports: the American type and Chinese GB/T. Already seen the first Model 3, which is equipped with the appropriate connectors, although this is not the first electric car company to which is applied a double standard, as the end of 2017, this is implemented on the Model S and Model X delivered to the Chinese market.

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