Shell acquired the company Sonnen, which specializiruetsya on the home energy storage

Oil giant Shell announced the acquisition of the German company-manufacturer batteries Sonnen, which specializiruetsya on the home energy storage. Sonnen will now become a subsidiary of the Shell company after approval by the regulatory authorities.

The agreement will strengthen both companies in the creation of innovative integrated energy services and solutions for charging electric vehicles, as well as providing network services based on the battery systems Sonnen.

Home charger for electric vehicles “Sonnen Charger” ©

Christoph Ostermann, CEO and co-founder Sonnen, believes this collaboration is very promising: “Shell New Energies is the ideal partner to help your company grow in the rapidly growing market. Thanks to these investments, Sonnen will help a larger number of households to gain energy independence and take advantage of new opportunities in the energy market. Shell Sonnen will help bring a new level and accelerate the transformation of the energy system.”

Sonnen is an expert on stationary energy storage systems. Company based in Bavaria (Germany), within a few years shows the rapid growth, increasing its turnover from 41 to 65 million euros in 2017, and expects a further increase of 30%.

For Shell absorption Sonnen is just one of a number of acquisitions in the energy sector. It seems that the Dutch-British oil giant wants to create an entire ecosystem in the sector of electric mobility through acquisitions: in October 2018, Shell acquired a company providing charging infrastructure NewMotion, and recently the us company, Greenlots, which also specializiruetsya in this area. In addition, the oil company has joined the network of HPC Ionity and initiative CHarIN and is a new investor in the American startup is Ample, which specializiruetsya on replacement batteries.

In 2016, Shell started the company “New Energies” with the goal of developing two main areas: new fuels for transportation (such as modern biofuels and hydrogen) and electricity production from purchasing and sales to direct sales to customers. By 2020, Shell expects to invest an average of 1 to 2 billion dollars a year in such projects.

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