Skoda conducts extensive testing of charging infrastructure

Skoda is preparing itself for the challenges of electromobility working it in all directions. In 2018, the Czech car maker has invested € 3.4 million in the expansion of the internal electrical infrastructure at its headquarters in mladá Boleslav. Extensive tests are carried out using more than 300 charging points to optimize the charging infrastructure and time. Thus, the company lays the Foundation for future electric vehicles of the brand, which will appear in 2019.

300 test points, charging the equivalent of 220 charging stations, AC and more than 80 modern charging stations DC.

In the next few years, Skoda plans to expand the charging infrastructure beyond the borders of their enterprises. In cooperation with private electricity supplier ŠKO-ENERGO and local authorities, the company will prepare Mlada Boleslav for the transition to electric mobility, turning it into a smart city.

We will remind, recently tested the Skoda in Norway its first electric concept car Vision E.

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