Spy shots Ford F-150 confirm the test of the electric version

This is really happening — Ford is working on an electric version of the pickup F-150 that proved the first spy shots of the new model.

Spyware the electric Ford F-150 © insideevs.com

That this electric F-150 may not be doubt, first car hit the lens when it was connected to the charger using the port at the bottom of the front bumper. Secondly, it is clearly seen that the case of the model is higher due to batteries located under the cabin.

A little confusing the exhaust pipe located under the body, but most likely it’s just a camouflage Ruse, designed to hide the true nature of the transmission of a pickup truck.

The prototype exhaust system “snag” © insideevs.com

Recall that the F series of pickups has no equal among its competitors not only in sales but also in numerous other categories. This is one of the best selling cars in the United States and one of the most anticipated electric pickups in the near future.

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