Stylized 50-ies “, supercharger” Tesla appeared in the United States

The owner of the ice cream shops in Pennsylvania and part owner of the Tesla electric car, originally came to be involved in his establishment of drivers of electric cars of the company.

Retro gas station Tesla in the USA ©

Stylized to the era of 50-ies of the last century café, little associated with modern, high-tech electric cars, but the owner beat this situation in their favor by ordering a unique charging station Tesla made “in the spirit of” gas stations of the era.

Charging station is a replica of the very popular gasoline companies Texaco columns, the name of which in this case was replaced by the logo of Tesla, and fuel hoses on the charging cable. On the charging station even set retro lighting, to complete a stylized 50-ies.

Retro gas station Tesla has already become popular in the network, so the cafe attendance will probably increase. It is worth noting that despite the exclusivity, retro station is part of the charging network Tesla.

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