Sweden said goodbye to cars with internal combustion engines in 2030

Sweden — 10 country that officially refuses cars with internal combustion engines.

The Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Lofven announced that new cars with diesel or gasoline engines will not be sold after 2030.

This measure is intended to help Sweden to reduce transport-related emissions and to intensify their efforts to achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement.

At the moment Sweden is the tenth country to declare a specific date of abandonment fuel vehicles, but it is worth noting that the Swedish government has established a shorter period of time, in contrast to France or the UK, where the ban the internal combustion engine is scheduled for 2040.

As Sweden entered the top three “countries-refuseniks” from the internal combustion engine of the Nordic region, followed by Norway, which will close the market for auto fuel by 2025, and Denmark, which plans to ban cars on fossil fuels in 2030.

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