Teaser salon VISION iV: it will look like the interior of the Skoda electric cars

Skoda has revealed the interior design of their new concept electric VISION iV, which the company is preparing to debut at the Geneva motor show on 5 March 2019.

Skoda unveiled the teaser of the interior of the concept VISION iV© skoda-storyboard.com

The sketch shows the new layout of the dashboard and center console. As you can see the traditional Central tunnel in the car is not used, so the interior is a lot of space. The centerpiece of the interior is assigned to a large touchscreen display, which is located directly above the dashboard, the steering wheel has a brand new design with twin spokes and a full spelling of the brand name, instead of the usual logo.

The design concept of the electric car Skoda Vision iV © skoda-storyboard.com

As the Central tunnel is between the driver and the passenger appeared a lot of space for storage. The dashboard consists of two levels and as it were “hovering” over all space, slightly hanging over the driver and passenger.

The concept of electric cars Skoda Vision iV © skoda-storyboard.com

Given the fact that VISION iV will serve as a benchmark for all future electric cars, the company is probably the interior will be the basis for their design of the interior space.

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