Tesla adjusted the prices on Supercharger after the negative reaction of customers

Last week we wrote about the fact that Tesla increases prices on the Supercharger around the world by about 33%, but now the automaker reduces the price after the negative reaction of clients.

Tesla moves away from its structure of pricing in the States/regions to implement the pricing structure for each individual charging station to get more accurate rates based on local electricity rates and needs. But the change in the structure is also shared with a significant increase in cost as it was estimated, prices in most markets have increased by approximately 33%.

Although the cost of charging on the Supercharger is still less than the price of fuel, but it has become less competitive than at the charging stations from other manufacturers.

This led to a backlash a large number of clients with comments about the situation and several social media posts — many of them were dissatisfied with the increase, while others defended this step.

According to Electrek, Tesla has listened to customer feedback and decided to reduce the price of the Supercharger by 10% worldwide.

After the price increase last week, average price in the United States amounted to $0.31 per kWh, and now the price dropped to $0,28 per kWh.

In Norway the cost of fast charging stations Supercharger was at the level of 1.40 NOK per kWh to the price increase. Last week it rose to 1.86 CZK per kWh, and is now down to 1.70 kronor per kWh after Tesla adjusted prices.

Nice to see that Tesla listens to customer feedback and making the price increase more reasonable.

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