Tesla demonstrates Model 3 in one of the busiest international airports in Europe

Tesla makes the presence of Model 3 in Europe is better known by demonstration all-electric sedan in one of the busiest airports in the world for international passenger traffic. In contacting potential clients in the European region, Tesla unveiled its latest electric car in the Lounge 1 in the Schengen area of Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. In photos taken at the airport, a picture of the car hidden by the fabric, however, according to the observations of other users, the coating is periodically removed and hid the red Model 3. A month earlier, the same Model 3 was exposed to hog Katarin, a large shopping Mall in the centre of Utrecht.

Tesla Model 3 at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam © Twitter Alec Rellim

Before the first deliveries of Model 3 in Europe, part of an effort to increase Tesla demand about the arrival of the electric vehicle to the market include invitations for test drives at the end of January. Customers in European regions such as Sweden, Finland, Austria and Germany, were given the opportunity to test electric vehicles from 25 January to 9 February. Tesla also released a promotional video of the Model 3 to mark the launch of a new European market.

Through long-term efforts to saturate the European market all-electric sedan Tesla Model 3 also preoborudvat the Supercharger network in the region. Part of this process includes the installation of superchargers “MODEL 3 PRIORITY” with dual connectors.

Model 3 is part of a long-term successful plan for the company. Despite the fact that “production hell” and “logistical hell” was on the way to creating a high-performance all-electric sedan, however, Tesla has still not reduced the pace of progress to achieve their goals. In a letter to Elon musk of Tesla employees last month the Director General said that the desire to deliver the Model 3 in Europe (and also China) was key to the overall success of the company. Shipments in the first quarter in both continents are critical to the profitability of the electric car. Tesla plans to deliver 3000 European models in a week, starting with the first shipments this month.

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