Tesla electric cars have become cheaper by $ 2000 due to the reduction of tax benefits

Tesla lowers the price of all their models to $ 2000 to offset the reduction of Federal tax incentives for drivers who buy electric cars.

We will remind that since new year the Federal tax credit of $7,500 for electric cars, Tesla has halved. Starting from 1 January 2019 the company’s customers in the U.S. can apply to receive a Federal tax credit of $ 3750, and may also be eligible for benefits under several state and regional tax incentives, which range up to $ 4000.

Tesla has updated its online Configurator, adjust the prices. Now the cost Model 3 Mid-Range starts from $ 44 000, while last week the price of the model was us $ 46 000.

The automaker recently raised prices for Model S and Model X, but now the electric cars cheaper:

  • Model S 75D $ 76 000 (previously $ 78 000)
  • Model X 75D from $ 82 000 (previously $ 84 000)
  • Model S 100D from $ 94 000 (previously $ 96 000)
  • Model X 100D from $ 97 000 (previously $ 99 000)

Unfortunately this shows how the demand for electric cars continues to be linked with incentives. Tesla lowers cost of its electric carsto keep demand in the United States after the start of the phasing out of tax benefits.

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