“Tesla Experience Winter 2019”: Tesla invites you to experience the possibilities of electric vehicles in icy conditions in Finland

Tesla is sending out emails inviting owners to sign up for a special winter event in March this year. The event, dubbed “Experience the Tesla Winter 2019” will allow some lucky owners the opportunity to experience the capabilities of the electric vehicles company in icy conditions. The event will be held in Kemi, Finland, and will include races for four-wheel drive electric cars Model S and Model 3.

As noted in the Tesla, owners and guests participating in the event will receive a number of benefits. In addition to the intensive drive on the icy road, accompanied by a professional driver, participants will receive free travel, accommodation, and daily Breakfast and lunch. Participants will also be invited to a special dinner which will take place in Kemi SnowCastle — the iconic place in Finland, which is considered the largest snow Fort in the world.

On the official web page of the event for North America, Tesla pointed out that the “Track Mode” — exclusive customization Model 3 Performance, enabling electric sedan to withstand long sessions of high-intensity driving will also be demonstrated in Experience Winter 2019. Tesla also explained some characteristics of cars in icy conditions, stating that their four-wheel-drive electric vehicles provide impressive traction thanks to its dual motors that provide digital control of torque front and rear wheels.

Earlier, Tesla presented a video in which Model 3 is drifting on the snowy roads of New Zealand.

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