Tesla gets approval for direct sales of electric cars in new Mexico

The Committee on public relations recently approved the bill of new Mexico on the amendments to the local laws about automobile franchise on the basis of the “Tesla Law”, in particular, allowing vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, to act as a dealer and sell directly.

As in other States, protection of the dealerships, automakers must sell cars through its dealer network franchises, and efforts to change these requirements have always met with considerable resistance from lobbying groups.

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After the vote, the law (Senate bill 243) was adopted by the Committee of public relations and referred to the Committee on corporations and transportation. After re-consideration and vote, the bill will be forwarded to the Senate for a final vote. Given the balance of power in the state, where Democrats are in the majority in both chambers of the legislature and the Governor, Tesla could achieve complete victory in new Mexico.

Recall that we wrote earlier than Tesla threatens dealers business and why the model of direct sales Tesla will change the automobile market.

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